Quilts of Valor

qov-logoBonnie Miller and Mary Deremer are our QOV committee chairs for 2021.

Fabric donations and presentation cases/pillow cases are needed and always welcome in colors of red, blue, white and gold as well as completed quilt tops.
A QOV should be large enough to cover an average-sized adult, with an ideal size approximately 60″ x 80.”  Finished size should be no smaller than 55″ x 65″ and no larger than 72″ x 90.”


July – QOV Presentations

June – We are making preparations for our July meeting to present our QOV quilts in person to the veterans you have chosen.  This will not take place inside Bartlett Chapel UMC, as they will still be closed through the end of July.  The location will be worked out over the next few weeks.  We will have refreshments, too, to help make this a special occasion.

We have quilts available that can and should be used for this event, if you do not have your own to present to your special person.  If you are finishing your own quilt, please let Heather know.

If you need a label, please contact Heather Kopeshka or Susan Eaton.

Heather will have a sign-up sheet at the June meeting to get an accurate head-count of veterans.  If you cannot attend and have not emailed her, please do so with the pertinent information.

To summarize,  the QOV presentation meeting is still on, details being finalized.  Make sure Heather knows who is to receive a quilt, and make sure you have a quilt lined up for that  person.  Then be sure to come, and bring your special guest to be honored with a quilt.

April – Greetings from QOV.  I trust you are well, following the guidelines, and washing your hands.  😉   I hope you’ve found some time to do some sewing, enjoy your family, and savor the slower pace of life.

I really have nothing to report.  Just finish up any projects you have for QOV.  If anything, we could use 5 more pillowcases.

I feel like things are on hold for our July program, but we should be ready if and when it happens.

Again, I appreciate all you’ve done for QOV.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.

March – Spring greetings to my fellow quilters.

First I’d like to welcome Mary Deremer to our group.  If anyone else would like to join us, we’d love to have you.

Just a reminder of things to come.  We would like to have all finished quilts in at the May meeting.  That way we will have plenty of time to match up veterans and quilts and get them labeled.  If you are making a quilt for your vet, let Heather know your plans.

If you are making a QOV, please check your fabric to make sure there is no reference to any military branch.

This month I have 3 kits – one kit needs binding and two kits need quilted.  They will be at the back of the church in white plastic bags.

Again, I can’t thank you enough for all the help you’ve been.  It’s all coming together nicely, and I predict a great program in July.

February – Last month you blew me away by taking all the QOV tops that needed to be quilted.  Thank you. Thank you.  Thank you.

This month I’m bringing 4 kits using all the squares we’ve been making. If you take a kit you will need to sew the squares together into a top and add a 2.5” inner border and a 5.5” outer border. Both border fabrics and simple directions are included in the kits. Then bring it back in March, and we will get it quilted. Easy-peasy.  😉

Just a reminder that I’d like tops and quilts in by May.  In case something happens and you can’t get it done, don’t worry, you have a head start for next year.  I’m also trying to give myself a little wiggle room to wrap things up.

Thanks to Cathy Crockett for helping me cut borders and package kits. We are still looking for quilters to join our committee.

You’re doing a great job, quilters.  I appreciate your work.

January – Greetings and Salutations from QOV 2020!

First of all I wish to welcome Cathy Crockett to the QOV committee.  I would like to invite anyone else to join us and be a part of the work we do.

We are not going to make blocks as usual this year.  We are going to put blocks together and make quilts for soldiers for our July program.   If you do have blocks from other years, please finish them and bring them to the meeting. We will most definitely use them.  We will need people to sew blocks together, to turn them into tops, to add borders, to quilt the quilts, to bind them, to do calligraphy on labels, to sew the labels on the quilts, and to make pillowcases.  Look for the white plastic bags at the back of the church for the different jobs.  We will get the white bags out as fast as we can.

So you can see we still have lots of work to do and will need help.

If you are an individual or a Beelet that is making a quilt continue to do so and bring it in when you are finished.  Please have your QOV completed and turned in by the May meeting.  That way we can get labels on and do the finish up work.

Many thanks for your support.  As they say:  It takes a village.

Pictures from the Past – Quilts of Valor 2006

Susan Lanham and Arlette Kreager were the committee co-chairs for the Block of the Month.  They picked star blocks each month to be done in red, white, and blue and from these blocks, QOV quilts were made.  The Brownsburg library put the completed quilts on display in February 2007.

2019 Wrap-up

Thank you for all the wonderful quilts you made for our soldiers this year.  You completed 12 quilts and there are still several in different stages of completion.  Bravo!!!

  • October 2019

I think we’ll just  be low key for the rest of the year and finish up some things.  I’ll bring some tops that need binding and borders that need to be put on.  I know some individuals and some beelets are doing projects.  So as your time permits you can work on that.  I will also bring my boxes of 5 inch and 2 1/2 inch squares for anyone who wants to make blocks.

Feel free to use as many squares as you wish for a project.  You need not feel bound to use the pattern I suggested.  Maybe you have an idea rolling around in your head and could use those squares for your own design.  Be my guest and help yourself to whatever you need.

Again, I can’t thank you enough for all the sewing you’ve done for QOV.  You have been so generous with your time.

  • September 2019

This month we will begin using all those wonderful squares you cut.  We will be sewing them into a fast, fun, and easy block called “diamond chain.”  You can find complete directions for this block on YouTube under Jenny Doan Diamond Chain.   In addition, I will have a demonstration board at the September meeting to explain construction of the block.  Fabric squares will be available for you to choose.  You will need 2 white 5″ squares, 1 colored 5″ square, and 4 colored 2.5″ squares.
Click here for a sheet with more information, instructions, and a drawing of the finished block.

  • July & August 2019

QOV has decided to take a vacation for July and August.  I invite you to take a break too or you can use the time to catch up on a QOV  project you’ve been working on.

See you in September.

  • June 2019

This month QOV is having a rotary cutting event.  Here’s how it works.

Pick up a zip lock bag of QOV scraps at the guild meeting.  Cut those scraps into 5″ and 2 1/2″ squares. Whatever you have left over put in the included brown paper sack to be used for dog beds. Return the bag with your squares next month. It’s just that easy.

Don’t worry about using every inch of fabric. It’s all scraps after all. Just do what you can.  We’re not picky.

Then in the next month or so I’ll come up with a pattern or two to use with the squares. If anyone has an idea for a pattern, please feel free to share.  We are always looking for new ideas for patterns.

Right now I’ve got way too many scraps and you will be doing me a big favor by using them up and helping me get some organization.

Thank you so very much.

  • May 2019

A special Quilts of Valor celebration was presented at a recent Brownsburg Scrapbasket Quilt Guild meeting honoring two local veterans.  Lloyd Groover, Avon, and his son, Danny Groover, Danville, were each given a quilt constructed by several members of the Scrapbasket Guild.  Lloyd served in the Air Force from 1951-1955 and was stationed in Japan. Danny was a career veteran in the Navy in the submarine service from 1977-1997.
Chris Hurley, QOV State Coordinator, described how the concept of the Quilts of Valor was inspired that has now spread across the country. Chris congratulated the veterans for their dedicated service to our country.

  • April 2019
    Just a reminder:  White stars with red or blue backgrounds are due at this meeting April 16.  Then we will be finished with them.
    The next project will be to sew the stars together and add a border or two.  I plan to make kits and hope you will continue to be generous with your time and help sew them together.
    I will also have several pillowcase kits that can be assembled.  Right now I am short on pillowcases.
    I also hope to have a large quilt kit that a long armer might have time to quilt.
    It takes a village to make QOV and Scrapbasket quilters are doing a smashing job. Thank you so much for your support.
  • January 2019       
    It’s time for the Quilts of Valor 2019 Block Drive.  This year it is the floating Ohio Star in 2 colors.  The star is white and the background is to be a red or blue solid or a patriotic print.  The block should measure 12.5″ and will finish 12″.  We will start making the blocks Jan.15th and all blocks will be due April 16.
    The pattern for the star can be found at QOV website  qovf.org.  I will print off a few hard copies of the pattern to have at the meeting for members who do not have access to a computer or printer.
    I have also made a few kits that you are welcome to use.  Please feel free to use your own fabric.  I have also made a poster board to show you how to make the block.  These items can be found on the pew in the narthex.
    We did a fantastic job on last year’s block.  I look forward to seeing what we will do this year. The quilt below was made by Debbie Hood.
  • Staycation March 2
  • March meeting