Welcome to the Scrapbasket Challenges for 2018.  We have created challenges for the first six months of 2018.  We hope you join in and have fun with the various months.  There will be some that will be simple and others that will hopefully get your creative side thinking.  Some members may wish to do one or two projects to get a head-start on a future month.  Please join us and have fun with all the ideas.  Here are the first two month’s worth to get you going:

November 2018: The November challenge will be making CHRISTMAS STOCKINGS to be donated to a charity.  Another opportunity to use some of the Christmas fabric that many of us own!

October 2018: The October meeting is NO QUILT.  It can be any project apron, table runner, placemat etc. This is an opportunity to start your Christmas projects now instead of December.

September 2018:The challenge for September is a KIDS’ QUILT to be given to the Kid’s committee.  At the July meeting, many members were inspired by the speaker in creating a quilt with “that yard of fabric” by adding different borders. It will be interesting to see all the many ideas.

July 2018: The challenge for July is any project using only black and white fabrics with a contrast color. Remember that any project — placemat, napkins, table runner to throw size using black and white is the challenge.

Our challenges have been interesting and fun to see.

There will be NO challenge for August. The auction will be our meeting and fun for all of us. The challenges for September, October and November will be announced in August.
See you at the July meeting.

June 2018: Scrapping up with Scrapbasket is the June challenge and we are sure all of you are busy using up all those scraps from many projects.  It will be interesting to view all the creative designs that many members are designing.  See you at the meeting.


The Challenge for April is supporting the food bank at Messiah Lutheran Church. That’s all.

Simple, Quick, Easy. They are always in need of canned vegetables, canned meats such as tuna, pastas, and paper products for the home. And, of course, you can always donate cash. The challenge
committee chose April since it can be a slow donation time, and it is also a chance for us all to work on and complete our UGLY FABRIC project. This is the month for the REVEAL of your creative masterpiece.
We will have a sign-up sheet at the meeting for the food bank donation.

Since the May meeting is going to be a quilt game night, we will advance the May challenge to June.
The challenge was SCRAPPING UP WITH SCRAPBASKET. So—- SCRAPPING UP WITH SCRAPBASKET is our Challenge project for June.

See you all at the April meeting.

February 2018:

Since the January Scrapbasket meeting was cancelled, all the monthly challenges will advance one month.  So, the challenge of finished or unfinished Christmas project will be the February challenge.

Will there be any unfinished projects since we had an extra month?

At the meeting this month, we will be introducing the UGLY FABRIC project.  Each person will receive a fat eighth of the UGLY fabric to be used in a creation of their own choosing.  We know that some of you are anxiously waiting to view this fabric! The reveal for this fun creation will be at the April meeting along with the food bank donation.  We hope you will have fun with this challenge.

January 2018:

  1. Your Christmas Project, Any Stage, Finished or Unfinished. This challenge was announced at the Christmas party in December.
  2. Ugly Fabric. Each person will receive a 10″ square of the same ugly fabric (yep, we choose).  It must be used in a project of your choice.

February 2018: Red for Valentine’s Day. Any project that uses predominately red fabrics and/or threads.

March 2018: Finish It Up. Got a UFO hanging around?  Time to put in the last stitches, hand a label on it, and show it off.

April 2018: Food Bank.

May 2018: Scraping Up with Scrapbasket. Make something entirely from scraps.

June 2018: Black & White. (Black and white projects with an accent color.)


December 2017 – President’s Block: We thank each retiring Guild President for their service with a gift of quilt blocks, one from each member.  President Susan Voight has requested the Friendship Star block.

“I have attached a pattern sheet from my favorite youtuber, Amanda Rolfe. She has a video tutorial, although I doubt anybody will need to view her her tutorial. Brenda, here is a link to Amanda Rolfe’s Friendship Star tutorial.

“What I would like is a background of white, cream, or something that reads white or cream. The star must include the member’s absolute favorite color. The four points and center can be the same fabric, or not. I just really want to see the end result to see, collectively, how we feel about color. I would like members to sign the block with a fine tip black sharpie, presumably in the white area, but it doesn’t matter.”

Stretch your quilting horizons by accepting one of the various quilting “challenges.” Every month brings something new from co-chairs Barb Tinkham and Linda Auberry.

  • March 2017: Amy Gilmore found a great resource to help us find fabrics that closely match Pantone’s Color of the Year, Greenery. As you may remember, the Challenge Committee presented the Spring challenge:

    Amy found a blog, No Hats in the House, which is also sponsoring a contest related to Pantone. Thank you for thinking of us, Amy!

    Here are the suggested fabrics that closely match Pantone’s Greenery:

  • February 2017: The Anniversary Challenge, due at the October meeting, celebrates 30 years of our guild. We challenge you to use 30 blocks or 30 fabrics or 30 threads in a quilt. (The dimensions of the quilt is entirely up to you.)
  • October 2016: The Red/Blue/Purple Challenge is due at the October meeting. The “Slice” quilt exhibit “Walk Across Indiana” continues to be on display at the Brownsburg Public Library. At the October meeting we will collect the final push to complete the table Place Mat Challenge for Hendricks County Meals On Wheels. Thanks to everyone who has contributed to this project.
  • August 2016: Place Mats for Meals on Wheels
    This year our Challenge Committee has come up with lots of fun challenges for us. One of these has been the ongoing place mat challenge for Meals on Wheels in Hendricks County. Throughout the year, members may make quilted place mats for donation and be entered into a drawing for a prize at the end of the year. I have had the pleasure of collecting and keeping these place mats until delivery, which is planned for November.After each meeting I get to see the donations and am always amazed, not just by the generosity of our members, but their creative talents. Truth be told, I absolutely squeal with delight as I look at each place mat when transferring them to my storage bin.  The choices of color, composition, and stitching are delightful! Among the motifs there are beautiful flowers, stately dogs, colorful cupcakes and sophisticated batiks. I placed a few on my design wall to show just a few examples of your collective creativity.

    Placemats for Meals on Wheels

    Placemat for Meals on Wheels

    I love this challenge because it involves a small project that even a person with limited time is likely able to accomplish at some time during the year. The number of clients supported by Hendricks County Senior Services Meals on Wheels is approximately 110. We intend to provide a place mat to each client. As of June, we were halfway there! I am grateful to those who have donated their time and material to create such beautiful place mats. If you have not already made a place mat for the challenge, it’s not too late. Collections will be accepted through our November meeting. The rules are loose, just make a quilted place mat this is roughly 12″ X 18″. I hope the photo of our members’ fine work will inspire you to create your own colorful contribution.

  • May 2016: Red, Blue, and Purple Election Quilt Challenge
    Recently in an election year we hear these colors used frequently by the media describing the political leanings of a particular state.  But quilters think of these colors in terms of light, medium, and dark.  What colors are the opposite of each of the above colors? And which patterns, techniques and sizes gain the opinion of the quilt maker? Our May Challenge PROMOTES the following requirements:

    • Make a quilt of ANYsize.
    • Use fabrics of all three colors (red, blue, purple) in your project
    • The quilter may add up to three colors in additional fabrics of their choice.
    • The Challenge project is due in October (just before the election.)
  • March 2016: Make place-mats for the Hendricks County Meals on Wheels program. The dimensions are up to you, but anything between 12″ x 18″ to 14″ x 20″ would be a good size.  The program feeds 110 seniors, so let’s make their meal times fun.This is an on-going Challenge; bring in your contributions any time through October. Each submission receives a chance in the monthly drawing as well as an opportunity to win the grand prize at the end of the year.If you have any questions, contact Karen Masdon or Peggy Long.Thank you for your participation.
  • February 2016: “Slice” Quilt Challenge – Walk Across Indiana
    Celebrate Indiana’s 200th Birthday.  Starting in February and due at the June 2016 meeting, the challenge represents the quiltmaker’s interpretation of a period in time, an Indiana landmark, celebration, or any incorporation of 200 years of Indiana history.  Use your imagination!Challenge Requirements
    Challenge Feb 2016 SliceFinished Size: 15 inches wide by 30 inches in length.
    Edge Finish: Use an interface or pillowcase technique to finish your piece.  DO NOT FINISH WITH AN APPLIED BINDING.Starting at the 20″ length, incorporate a “path/road/walkway/trail/sidewalk” area using fabric appropriate for the area (black, gray, brown, etc in a brick design, stone, concrete, grass path).  The depth of the “pathway/road” should range from a minimum of 4 inches to a maximum of 8 inches.  Any technique/design elements are the choice of the quilt maker.
    At the completion of the challenge we hope to display the finished quilts for public viewing.  Depending on the space limitations, the “slice” quilts will be butted together, thus the reasoning for required edge finish.
  • Bicentennial Acceptance 001
  • January: To start our new year our first challenge, due in February, is to make a new name-tag with your first and last name on it. This is a small project but it comes with great rewards. Not only will it allow you to collect that prize you were just picked for, but it will also help others who are new or don’t associate a name with a face to walk up and call you by name! We’ll be in the foyer with a basket taking names for prizes. See you there!