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Our April challenge is to make a fidget mat (see link below for info)  that includes some element that speaks “Spring” to you.  It could be a color, a particular fabric, or perhaps a special button or trim.  For the month of April in honor of of inevitable “showers,” also include something blue in your fidget quilt. Can’t wait until we meet in person and get to see everyone’s creations. The possibilities are endless.  Happy sewing friends!


The challenge for March is to include the color GREEN in your creation.  Hats off to St. Patrick!  Still looking for input on the recipients of our quilts Happy sewing!

Hope you have had a chance to make a fidget quilt.  Once you get started it’s hard to stop.  Here is a link that provides some helpful information:

FEBRUARY   –   I hope you will be as excited about the project we will explore for Challenges this year as I am!  We will be working on Fidget Mats for Alzheimer patients.  This is a very fun, creative project with many options and very few rules.  A Fidget Quilt or activity blanket is a lap quilt that provides sensory and tactile stimulation for the restless hands of someone with Alzheimer’s and/or other forms of dementia. These links can get you started:,, but you will find a wealth of information on the internet.  Search YouTube, Etsy, Pinterest, and Google. 

The challenge for February is to make a Fidget Mat with a heart on it.

I am open to suggestions as to where we might donate our creations.  Happy sewing and keep it fun.  A tip my mom taught me many years ago:  use dental floss to sew buttons or any items you really want to secure.  You might want to give it a try.



2020 Challenges

Here is the list of challenges for 2020.

February       Donation quilt and/or pillowcase

March            2020 Kona Color. GREEN.  Any project—-quilt, placemat, wall hanging.

April               FINISH IT.  Any project waiting to be completed.  How  old is it?

May                 UGLY Fabric.   We will supply the ugly fabric.  It is on order and will have It at March meeting.

June                 Three blocks for QOV.  Bind a QOV quilt.  Make a pillowcase.

July                   Red, White and Blue project.  Anything patriotic

September     CHARM  square challenge

October           Make a face mask – see more info at the top of the column



NOVEMBER CHALLENGE – sew Christmas Stockings for charity



For July, the theme is “red, white, and ____?_____”.   You fill in the blank!


For June, we are to bring a “white elephant” to exchange – something you will never finish.   You will get someone else’s white elephant, finish it, and bring it for show and tell.  You get to keep the project you receive.

April’s challenge will be “The Quilted Phrase”.  Make a wall hanging using this phrase as inspiration…the phrase is “QUILTERS KNOW ALL THE ANGLES.”  This challenge will be due in April.


  • Do a charity project for our Donation Quilts group.
  • Finish a UFO (UnFinished Object). When you get one completed, bring it to share with the guild!
  • We started a round robin in March. Remember to bring the bag you have worked on to the meeting, to be passed on to the next person!
Round Robin Challenge Begins!