Archived BoM Programs

2018 Block of the Month
Leah Beaman is heading up the 2018 Block of the Month Program.   The theme for this year is ‘Houses’.
BOM #8 Block Instructions

BOM #7 Block Instructions
Month # 6 Block Instructions
Month #5 Block Instructions
Month #4 – Click link below for pattern web page.  It has photos of the finished project, additional information, and a link on that page to the PDF of the pattern to download.  Wendy Sheppard’s Blueberry Pie house pattern.
Month #3 Block Instructions
Month #2 Block Instructions
Month #1 Block Instructions

2017 Block of the Month

Ann Glass is heading the 2017 Block of the Month program.  2017’s BOM quilt was designed to help celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Scrapbasket Quilt Guild.  It is, therefore, a grouping of nine different BASKET blocks with an alternate block used to complete the “on point” setting with two borders.  Each quilter will be given the opportunity to “change up” his/her block on some months with a choice of adding appliqued flowers.  Otherwise, only two of the blocks have handles that need to be applied by your choice of applique technique.  Some “Y” seams to deal with, but YouTube has an excellent video as a tutorial and/or review.

  • October 2017 Block of the Month
  • September 2017 Block of the Month
  • July 2017 Block of the Month
    The Block of the Month for July is titled “Basket with Handles”. Strange, since there is only one handle, but who are we to challenge the names that EQ7 gives a block! It ends up looking like a checker board basket, using two of your colors that stand out against the background fabric. Again, you can use the appliqué technique of your choice for the handle.

  • June 2017 Block of the Month
    Beth and I have saved you a lot of grief this month!  Take our word for it!  We had planned a really cute basket holding three diamond-shaped flowers with paper-pieced stems.  Just think tiny pieces and many Y-seams! You will be pleased to find INSTEAD, a block called “Scrap Basket” (how fitting!).  Think, instead, half square triangles (HSTs) and templates for the four differently-shaped pieces. We think you will really like this one.  Have fun!

  • May 2017 Block of the Month
    Block number 4 of the series will help you celebrate the month of May.  We offer you the opportunity to make a May Basket Block to continue this year’s Scrap Basket Guild’s 30th year celebration.  The instructions for cutting and piecing can be reached from the links below, and they are always posted on the Guild’s web page. We hope you are enjoying this experience, and don’t forget to show us your block and put your name in the box this month for the grand drawing at the end of the year.

  • April 2017 Block of the Month
    No appliqued flowers this month, but you get to create some “diamond-shaped” tulips in your basket.
    Check out YouTube instructions on “Y seams” before you tackle the block if you think you need a little reminder:

Don’t forget to check in with Beth or Ann before the meeting with your finished blocks from prior months. A few copies of instructions for April and prior months are available for those who have difficulty printing them from newsletter. Have fun!

Click on the links below for this month’s information:

  • April 2017 BOM Cutting Instructions
  • April 2017 BOM Piecing Instructions
  • March 2017 Block of the Month
    The March Block of the Month basket block is known as “Flower Basket.”  We hope you continue to have fun with the simple half square triangles and the fabrics you have picked to create this wall hanging celebrating our 30th year as a quilting guild in the State of Indiana. Please take the time to bring your completed blocks to Beth Konz and Ann Glass so you can be included in the drawing for the lovely prize at the end of the year. Remember, if you have a very busy month and are not able to complete that month’s block, just be sure to save the pattern and catch up the following month.  The patterns will always be found in the Scrapbasket newsletter and website.
    Click on the links below for this month’s information:

  • February 2017 Block of the Month
    We hope many of you have caught the excitement of our 30th year anniversary and are ready to join the celebration by expressing your joy in being a part of the ScrapBasket Guild by…how else, making a quilt! We begin with a very simple BASKET block that you can leave in its simple form or embellish in any way you choose. You may want to embroider something in the background area above the basket (your name, or the name of the guild, or the years 1977-2017, etc.) I chose to applique some flowers in that space. It’s up to you. Have fun! There will be three other blocks where additions can be made. All blocks will measure 9 ½” unfinished. There will be a total of 9 “basket” blocks and 4 “alternate” blocks by the time we begin assembling the 48” square beauty. Don’t miss this opportunity to pull that fabric from your stash and/or make another trip to the Quilt Shop. Join with your friends in this quilting journey that expresses our creativity and joy in being a “ScrapBasketeer.” (Is that even a word?!) When you finish, bring your blocks to either Ann Glass or Beth Konz for a chance in a drawing for a grand prize at the end of the year.

  • January 2017 Block of the Month

2016 Block of the Month

2016’s BoM program begins with the Craftsy 2014 Block of the Month. Free lessons are on the website and a handout with fabric requirements will be posted here soon. Door prizes will be given when you bring your blocks. The BoM program is being headed by Sandi Gilreath; if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact her.

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