Our Monthly Program

June Program – Quilted Glo – Gloria Stahlhut

(Location changed due to COVID-19, not at Bartlett Chapel – see the June newsletter)

Our guest, Gloria (Glo) Stahlhut of Quilted Glo, will be sharing with us a trunk show on HOT Fix. Hot Fix is an applique adhesive in which you do not need to stitch around the applique; however, you still can stitch over should you desire. Join us to see a very cool tool that will help you create personalized items in your quilts or widen your creativity in crafting.

Glo started quilting over 20 years ago, making her a third-generation quilter. She found that quilt shops carried limited wide backs for quilts. Glo opened her business, Quilted Glo, 13 years ago, and she retired from her professional career 3 years ago to focus on her business and her passion for quilting. She travels throughout Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, Illinois and Minnesota to guilds and quilt shows. Her husband Todd is an engineer and woodworker. He creates many of the tools or items that she sells. He is instrumental in creating some of her pattern and quilt designs.

Glo’s business is e-commerce and she has sold wide quilt backings throughout the US and in many countries around the world. She has expanded her business to include panels, pre-cuts, kits, patterns, Hot Fix, books, and tools. She creates and designs many of the patterns she sells or uses in the kits. Her business is in Fishers, IN and her website is www.quiltedglo.com

Glo will have a selection of items for sale. If you are looking for a backing, bring your fabrics or quilt top along so you can color match. Glo accepts cash, check, or credit card. Due to the COVID-19 virus, if you are concerned about using a technical device for your credit card, feel free to use cash.

May Program – CANCELED due to COVID-19
April Program and workshop have been canceled – no meeting in April due to COVID-19
March Program – CANCELED due to COVID-19

February Program – Claudia Lash of Presto Avenue Designs

Welcome all Scrapbasket Quilters to February 2020!  This month we hear from Claudia Lash of Speedway, Indiana.  Claudia will be showing our Guild a trunk show/lecture with a focus on her quilts and quilt business.  Most of her quilts use basic techniques such as piecing and appliqué and can be done by quilters of all levels.  She encourages quilters to use basic techniques to design quilts of their own.  Her lecture will include details on starting a small quilt-related business.  While she says she couldn’t live on her profits, it does pay for what she would do anyway!  Her motto is “keep it fun”!

A bit more about Claudia…  She started Presto Avenue Designs in 2008 with a quilt design named White Blooms. She had retired early from teaching to help care for her parents, and was working in a quilt shop part time. While working and teaching classes, she found joy in designing quilts.

Today it’s hard for her to believe that she has designed and made over 60 quilts, written the patterns, and sold them to others. She loves it all, whether it’s designing, sewing, teaching, or being with quilters. She says life couldn’t be better.  She and her husband have been blessed with 11 grandchildren and so much more. 

She will be bringing her quilt patterns should you want to purchase one or two.  😊

January 21, 2020 – Barbara Triscari

Join us in January for our first 2020 program!  Barbara Triscari will present “Artful Adventure” and provide us with an overview of how she got into art quilting and some of the unusual techniques used such as controlled rusting, photography, leather, and embroidery, etc.  And, of course, she will be showing us lots and lots of quilts.

Barbara grew up in Ohio and Fort Wayne, met her husband at Purdue, and then they embarked on their military journey while raising three girls.  She moved to the Lebanon area with her family after her husband retired from the military in 2010 after 13 moves.  She has lived in 9 states and Italy while having traveled to 10 foreign countries.  Throughout her travels, photography has been a constant  and she has taken over a million photographs.

Barbara is an art quilter who draws from her photography to create innovative quilts.  She began to quilt after seeing that photographs could be printed on fabric.  She began exploring ways to piece photographic quilts and soon realized the potential of textiles as a medium and delved into art quilting.

Barbara has developed techniques and shares her experiences in magazines and presentations.  She prints on leather and other unconventional materials and uses rust in a controlled manner to reproduce aspects of her photographs. She exhibits frequently in quilt shows and exhibits.

Her website is triscartsi.com and her contact information is artsifartsi@triscartsi.com .

Instagram:  barbara_triscari where she posts progress updates most days and Facebook:  Barbara Triscari

December 17, 2019 – Christmas Party
Come and join us for an evening of fun, food, and fellowship!  We will meet at 6:00pm in the fellowship hall, Tuesday December 17th.
  • Use the west doors (where we go in for Staycation), which will open at 5:00pm, and we could use help setting up for the evening. 
  • Bring an appetizer, salad, side dish or dessert to share. The guild will provide either sandwiches or meat, TBD.
  • Bring your own drinks.  
  • Food will be served at 6:00pm. After dinner, there will be Quilto, prizes and other entertainment. 
  • Please bring a cash donation, to be given to the church.
  • If you made a Christmas Stocking for the Challenge, bring it to the meeting!
  • Anyone who can stay and help clean up will go on Santa’s Nice List!!

November 19, 2019 – Quilts in Wood

Come to November Scrapbasket Quilt Guild Program and hear from Ben Wilson of Crawfordsville, IN who owns and operates his business, Quilts In Wood.

Ben first learned of his interest in wood in shop class as a 7th grader.  It was not until after college that he was able to work more with wood, accumulate his tools and refine his skills in woodworking.

About 10 years ago, he was admiring his wife’s quilting, and thought “I can do that with wood.”  

And so his new passion was born, and he made a wooden box with a quilt pattern inlaid in the top.  Now, Ben does little else in the shop.  (Although now, he is working on new wooden doors for the Waveland library, to try to return the entrance to what it was when the library was built about 100 years ago.)

Ben does not use stain, paint, or die on his wooden quilt patterns; all woods are their natural color.  To date, he has used over 100 different kinds of wood, imported from all over the world.

Ben will be bringing his story, along with samples and items to sell (before and after the program).  

Great timing to purchase those Christmas gifts for your favorite Quilty friends!


October 15, 2019 – Demonstration Stations

Our October program will be informational, skill-building and technique demonstrations. Stations will be set up in the fellowship hall, where we will move after the business meeting portion of the evening. The topics covered are as follows:

  • Cleaning and Maintenance of your Sewing Machine by Donna Guthridge and Beth Konz
  • Binding Buddy by Dana Sederoff
  • Rug Hooking by Janet Shotwell
  • Burrito Pillowcase by MaryLynne Meranda
  • Accuquilt Go Big!  by Susan Voight
  • Collage Quilting by Mike Stephens.

If you have a new tool or technique that you would love us to know about, please let us know. We can easily add another station.

 Let’s use this program as an invitation to go forth and collaborate, teaching and learning, on any common interests expressed.

September 17, 2019 – New Member Showcase

Our September program, New Member Showcase, will feature some of Scrapbasket Quilt Guild’s newer members. We have invited any newer members to share with the group the story of their quilting journeys, whether it be a recent endeavor, or one that has occupied a good number of years. We welcome Mary Ann Skinner, Karen Adams, Sue McDaniel, Lynne Secondino, Denise Zahrn, and Kim Van Buskirk for this program. If any other new member would like to join them, they are welcome to do so. Please contact me to let me know that you will join us.

August 13, 2019 – Auction!

Please Note:   Our meeting is a week early this month, and the doors will be open at 5:30 pm.

Come and check in, get a bidding paddle, and give your donations to the Auction Committee.  Then grab some ice cream and start treasure hunting!

Bring cash or check – no credit cards.   No show and tell at this meeting.

July 2019 – Sue Nickels

Please Note:  Visitors to this meeting will be charged $5

Join us July 16th for our guest, Sue Nickels.  Sue has been quilting for 36 years, starting by hand and gradually focusing on machine work. Sue has been teaching machine techniques for the past 26 years. She has taught and lectured nationally for shops, guilds and major conferences, including AQS, IQA and the Mancuso Quiltfests. She has also taught internationally in England, Norway, Australia, New Zealand and Spain. Sue’s major awards include 1998 AQS Best of Show for “The Beatles Quilt” made by Sue and her sister, Pat Holly. Their quilt, “The Space Quilt,” won the 2003 IQA Master of Machine Artistry Award and the 2004 AQS Machine Workmanship Award. Sue and Pat’s quilt “Tea at Tenby” won 2009 Best of Show at the Birmingham Festival of Quilts in England. Sue’s current books are “Machine Quilting: A Primer of Techniques,” “Stitched Raw Edge Appliqué” co-authored with Pat, and “Fabulous Feathers and Fillers: Design and Machine Quilting Techniques.”  Sue has also been a judge for many quilt shows. She enjoys teaching on cruises for “Quilt Seminars at Sea” once a year. Sue and Pat held their 1st Annual Hollygirls Quilt Retreats at White Birch Lodge in Elk Rapids Michigan in 2014 and plan to continue this yearly event for many years, following in the tradition of their good friend Gwen Marston’s Beaver Island Quilt Retreats! Sue’s priority in the workshops she teaches is to provide a relaxed environment for students to learn machine techniques that are time–saving. Sue emphasizes the best quality workmanship, never compromising quality for speed!

We hope you will join us to hear from this accomplished quilter.  

We welcome guests and visitors and after 2 visits at no charge, we ask that they join our guild for a mere $25/year! 

June 2019 – Dave Broughton of Nomad Yarns


Fiber fanatics we have the meeting for you!  Join our fun group of quilters to share our projects, and hear our speaker, Dave Broughton, fiber dying expert.  Dave’s background is in chemistry and archaeological science which if left behind nearly a decade ago to cross the Atlantic and run Nomad Yarns with his now wife Erica. Since 2010 Nomad Yarns has provided yarns and fibers to Hendricks County and the West Side of Indy, in Spring of this year the brick and mortar store turned into a mobile one due to downtown redevelopment in Plainfield.

Dave has taught dyeing at the store and at fiber festivals and events around the state as well as producing his own range of hand dyed yarns for the store as well as some dyed fabric accessories.

The presentation:

Dave will present a short guide to dyeing fabrics and yarns at home with equipment that is easy to acquire at any box store. We’ll review types of dyes for different fibers, the basics of their chemistry and how to achieve a wide range of different dye effects with simple methods. We’ll cover acid dyes, fiber reactive dyes and solar dyes as well as 2-3 photo/video guides for different techniques Dave uses in his studio.

The yarn truck will be in attendance stocked with Dave’s work, our other products and most importantly dyes and prepared fabrics for sale.


May 2019

Join us this month to share your latest projects and hear from speaker, Brian Haggard. Brian is the author of several books and will be discussing hand embroidery in all aspects of quilting and other items used in the home, some utilitarian and some home décor.  This topic will be for all levels of skill, from the novice to the advanced. 
Most of what Brian creates is from the use of old items or creating things to look as though they are old when really they are very new.  Hope to see you there!  

April 2019

Please join Scrapbasket Quilt Guild on Tuesday, April 16th to visit with friends, share our latest projects and hear from our speaker, Mary Strinka.  Mary will be speaking on finishing your Binding by machine, including the magic of two color binding. We look forward to seeing her beautiful quilts and hearing her story and love of quilts.



March 2019

March Quilt Guild Program presents The Scrapbasket 12×12 Challenge Group.  This “My Point of View” group was started in October of 2017 by member Cathy Jones.  This is a theme-based challenge group which prompts you to discover your style and improve your design skills as well as explore new sewing techniques with limited materials.  The group as been meeting the first Monday of every other month (meets next in May) at the Bob Evans in Avon at noon for a luncheon and a theme reveal.
Please join us at the Scrapbasket March meeting where the group will be presenting the program on the 12×12 Challenge Group along with over 80, 12″ x 12″ artistic creations for you to view.

February 2019

February 19th,   Your Quilt Guild brings to you our speaker, Marlene Sowatzke of Indiana.  Marlene has been quilting for over 40 years having learned to sew from her grandmother.  Not too long ago in 2011, Marlene was inspired as she saw her “Scrapbasket” overflowing with pieces of beautiful fabric from all those years.  Her scrap quilt techniques have become her passion and today she can take a pile of 2” and 3 7/8” squares to create an amazing quilt all the while reducing and using her scraps.  She even credits some of her inspiration to Pinterest.  She looks forward to sharing her techniques and passion with us Tuesday!

January 2019 – See Archives for program photos.

January 15th, Michael Stephens of Not Your Average Quilter in Fayette, IN will present his artistic quilts and give us a look into the processes he uses.
Michael will be conducting a workshop on January 31 from 9AM to 3PM at our usual meeting location, Messiah Lutheran in Brownsburg, to teach the technique he uses in his artistic quilts. The image chosen is a rooster, and it is necessary to purchase the kit from Michael. The cost of the kit is $55 and we will need to know the number of participants by January 24th. There is no other cost for the workshop, but a donation to the Messiah Lutheran Food Pantry is requested: food item, personal hygiene product, or monetary donation, please.