Our Monthly Program

April 2018 Program
This month we again welcome Cathy Franks, an experienced quilter who produces a variety of techniques. It has been a while since Cathy visited us, and this presentation will be different than her last visit. This month Cathy will teach us to refine our techniques in properly blocking (squaring) and binding a quilt. She will bring some nifty tools that she uses in this process. This is knowledge that should interest both new and experienced quilters.
During the March meeting, Susan Voight passed around a clip board to solicit member suggestions for workshops. Thanks to everyone who entered a suggestion or two. Below is a summary of the clipboard contents.
  • Machine Quilting
  • Machine Quilting with Templates or Rulers
  • Working with Curves and Circles (for cutting and piecing).
  • Another Penny Haren Workshop including Creative Grids Rulers
  • Basic Applique
  • Machine Applique
  • Quilted Purses
  • Foundation Paper Piecing
  • Thread Painting techniques and preservation of thread painted art.
  • Fabric Dying
  • Making a collaborative quilt
Of the comments above, many members who later received the clipboard took the time to acknowledge some of the previous entries. This indicated that we should invite Penny Haren to return for a workshop, and also that machine quilting with rulers and templates, and tips to work with curves are high on the demand list.
Most apparent is the desire for weekend workshops. “As I work full time and in four years’ time I had not attended a workshop,” says Susan Voight, “I am also in favor of weekend workshops. We are in touch with workshop leaders on the topic of basic appliques, machine applique and fabric dying. As we noted many new quilters in the March meeting, we will also look for topics that will help newbies develop their skills.”
If you are willing to provide a workshop, please let Susan, Connie Wass or Dana Sederoff know your availability.