Our Beeletts

For a complete listing and contact information for Scrapbasket Beelets visit the Members Only section of the website.

A bee, or beelett as some call them, is a smaller group from within the Guild, usually six to ten people. Beeletts often meet in homes at whatever frequency they choose. Beeletts provide a wonderful way to make friends and have even more quilting fun!

In the April 2017 meeting we inquired how many Guild members were not members of a beelett, but would like to be. A survey was sent to these eleven members via email after the meeting. Six members responded to the survey. Respondents were asked to indicate the most preferable time to meet. We have learned that the two members would like to join a beelett that meets on a weekday morning. One member would prefer a weekday afternoon, and one prefers a weekday evening. If any existing beeletts have room to accommodate one or two additional members, please let Susan Voight know.

Weekend preference was indicated by the remaining respondents. Weekday work schedules were given as the primary reason reason for the weekend sewing time preference. Susan is not aware of any existing weekend beeletts, but if this is incorrect please let her know.

Two persons indicated that Sunday afternoons would be another good alternative time. Many of these members have some flexibility to shift time availability, so we will continue to work to form groups that will fit schedules most of the time.

Now that we have learned of time availability, a location to meet is the next challenge. If you are interested in forming a beelett and can offer a location to meet regularly, please contact Susan Voight. She is working to find a location in the Plainfield area, as she is one of the members searching for a weekend beelett.

Email Susan Voight