President’s Monthly Message

President’s Message May 2019

We Need Workers for Next Year’s Raffle Quilt!

Beth Konz

The Raffle Quilt is one of those projects that must be worked on well in advance.  We need to get started on the Construction phase of the 2020 quilt AS SOON  AS POSSIBLE.  Ideally, this construction phase should be finished by the end of this year, so that the paperwork and ticket sales phase can be prepared and completed in a timely manner, and ready to go in January.   If we get behind on things, we may miss opportunities to sell tickets at certain venues.
The Job Description document on our website has a complete write-up on the duties required for this job, so please read it to know in detail what is expected (it is toward the bottom of the document). It includes suggestions on a timeline.
But in brief, you (or a group) would need to:

  • Decide on a design and how the quilt will be constructed (whole guild, or a committee?)
  • Work with the Treasurer on available budget and reimbursement for supplies needed for construction.  Keep all receipts for submission to the Treasurer.  
  • Determine with the Treasurer a value to be assigned to the quilt.
  • Distribute patterns/instructions and fabric as needed, with a deadline for returning blocks to the committee.
  • Finish construction of the whole top.  Find a quilter to quilt it, and get it to the quilter in a timely manner.
  • Finish with binding and a label.
  • Photograph the finished quilt with a good quality, high resolution photo, to be used on the website and to be printed and distributed with tickets to our members, so they can show potential buyers of tickets what they may win.

If the construction is done by the end of December, then the Ticket Sales people do not have to scramble to get their tasks done by required deadlines.

The Raffle Quilt is a substantial portion of our income for each year, which allows us to provide good programs to improve our quilting skills, and to purchase supplies for our various charity efforts and other activities.

Please step up and help us maintain the strong guild we all enjoy so much!