President’s Monthly Message

President’s Message July 2019

Funny Sayings About Quilters

Beth Konz

Always buy fabric, no matter how much you already have.

Sew all day and night, absolutely no cooking allowed.

Tiny droplets of blood always make the quilt personal.

Always start a new quilt before the last one is finished.

Quilting forever. Housework never.

Quilting is my passion. . .chocolate comes in a close second.

Behind every quilter is a big pile of fabric.

Every quilter has a masterpiece inside.

You know you are a quilter if. . .

  • Your ironing board is set up but you never iron clothes.
  • You pet fabric.
  • People are always picking threads off of you.
  • You can measure ¼ inch by eye.
  • “Featherweight” doesn’t mean a boxer.