President’s Monthly Message


Well the weather doesn’t seem to be adhering to it regularly, but SPRING IS HERE! Soon enough, we’ll all be working in our gardens and landscape areas (…between quilting projects, of course.  I mean, who am I speaking to anyway?)  Enjoy.

Our Scrapbasket Quilt Guild is so fortunate to have as many dedicated quilters as we do.  I especially love our Show & Tell portion of each meeting, and I’ve heard several comments from our members and guests saying the same thing.  The aptitude and craftsmanship displayed in those few minutes each month is, for me and others, awe inspiring.  What great talent.  As Bonnie Harlow said in her interview from last month’s newsletter; “Relax and just keep going.  Keep trying new techniques, and new things.  Grow!”

And, speaking of growing, we are.  This is a very positive thing; we should all be proud.  Keep inviting those guests to our meetings.  Many hands make light work.  New beelets and volunteer activities can be formed and filled.  So, don’t be shy, bring someone with you to a meeting.  We are all aware that a dwindling membership can be the end of an organization, but Scrapbasket Guild is headed in the right direction.  Yeah for us!

However, we do need to be cognizant of the need to pay our membership dues…NOW.  If you can, please be sure to check in with our Treasurer, Barb Tinkham, at the registration desk to make those payments.  We don’t want to eliminate names from our roster.

Oh, yes, and remember our May meeting will be held in the fellowship hall at the Church for QUILTO. Look for more information on that fun activity from Susan Voight.

Thanks to all of our committee members for the great work they continue to do.  It is certainly appreciated.


Stan Pugh