President’s Monthly Message

Here’s to a Healthy New Year

As several of you may already know, 2017 was not a good year for me physically.  Here’s an update of my “events” in what I hope to be the last bad year of my life for some time to come:

  • In February of 2017, I was hospitalized with what they determined was a Noro-virus infection.  I was in the hospital for five days, during which time it was found that I needed to be on oxygen during and following my hospital stay.
  • I saw a pulmonologist, and it was decided that I should remain on oxygen, until I saw my cardiologist.
  • The cardiologist recommended a stent be placed in the right side of my heart, which might help my breathing.  It did not.
  • A blockage was discovered in my right leg artery, but having another stent placed could wait until the situation became more painful.
  • It is now a ‘fact of life’ that I have to deal with carrying oxygen, apparently forever.
  • I have watched my health quite regularly; annual physicals, cardiology and pulmonary follow-ups, vaccinations, etc.  I had quadruple bypass surgery following a major heart attack in 2000, and it has been a contributing factor in my health.
  • My latest bout started with sinusitis in mid-December.   With leg stent surgery scheduled, I called my surgeon’s office about coughing and a low-grade fever on the day of that surgery.  Following the surgery, I was released that evening at 6:30pm.  At midnight my wife called 911.  I had suffered another heart attack brought on by influenza and pre-existing breathing and heart issues. I was hospitalized for seven days, and have been recuperating at home ever since.

So there you have it!  Once again, I hope 2017 is much, much better.

I look forward to seeing all of you again, and fulfilling my duties as President in 2018.

I especially thank Susan Voight and Beth Konz for their individual and combined efforts with this transfer of Board positions and responsibilities.  They will continue to support the Scrapbasket Quilt Guild quite professionally.

Our first Board meeting of the year was January 8, 2018 at the Brownsburg Library.  I’m sure you will be hearing more about this meeting soon.

Stay warm and healthy,