President’s Monthly Message

President’s Message November 2019

Beth Konz

No one volunteered for the program committee.  So this is a better explanation of the responsibilities for this committee.  You can ask me any questions if you need further explanation.  Susan Voight and I will help with this committee.

(This is an explanation submitted by Susan Voight in late 2018, so certain time references are based on her service on the committee at that point in time.)

The Programs Committee requires a two-year commitment.  The first year the committee will arrange program presentations and workshops covering, at least, a 24-month period.  We’ve agreed to call this the Contracts Committee.  This means that in January of the year that the new committee members enter the position, the previous Contracts Committee should have completed bookings for that current year, ideally, and some, if not all, of the following year.  The incoming committee should begin to work on filling voids, and throughout the year if cancellations occur, the Contracts Committee is responsible for finding coverage for that month.  The current year Contracts Committee takes responsibility for executing the details of the programs scheduled by the previous committee.  This means that a presenter may have agreed to come on a particular date, and agreed to this far in advance.  Although an installment, and decision on the topic of a lecture or workshop is left to be handled closer to the meeting date.  The previous year Contracts Committee will provide a binder with details on arrangements previously made.  Contact information, e-mails documenting the agreed upon date, copies of contracts, budgets and financial transactions supporting future programs should be included in this binder.  As well, a list of past presenters, a wish list of suggestions from members will also be included.  When the current year Contracts Committee has gathered the specific details of the meeting program, the necessary steps to insure the presenter has everything he or she needs, that information will be given to the Logistics Committee to arrange.  Members of the Logistics Committee may be called upon to arrange for hotel, drive the presenter to destinations, and act as the go-between to gather all applicable receipts to the Treasurer.  As well, the Logistics Committee solicits volunteers to help set up and take down tables and chairs for the meetings and workshops.

To get this new structure underway, Connie, Dana and I worked to book the remainder of 2018.  Since there were several months to fill, this is how we spent much of our effort in 2018.  We are currently working to fill as much of 2019 as possible, using budget projections from previous years.  We have contracted with one sew-lebrity already to 2020.  We believe that whoever moves into the role of Programs Committee in January 2019 will have much of 2019 already planned.

As I said in the September meeting, the team approach worked will for Connie, Dana and I this year (2018).  Each of us provided ideas for programs and took responsibility for the following through on arranging a commitment.  Therefore, based on my experience, my opinion is that a three-person committee works well.  New year (2019), the three of us will split the responsibility for logistics.  After that, our service for programs will be completed.