President’s Monthly Message

President’s Message September 2019

Beth Konz

Just a few funny moments…

You know you are a quilter if:

You plan your vacation around quilt stores.

You tell your boss you have to take the day off for your quilt guild meeting.

You have a small quilting project ready to take to  the Dr.’s office in case you have to wait.

You know what quilt project is next but not what you are having for dinner.

Your husband knows that log cabins and rail fences do not have wood in them.

Your mind is full of quilt ideas even when you are sleeping.

You know that a layer cake is not something to eat.

Your husband is sitting on pins and needles and literally means it.

You have to buy a larger house to get a larger sewing room.

You see quilt patterns everywhere you go even on the bathroom floor.

You have more invested in your sewing machine than you do in your car.

Your batting has nothing to do with baseball.

You hear the word sandwich and it has nothing to do with eating.