President’s Monthly Message

Happy Anniversary, Everybody!

This is a special time for the Scrapbasket Quilt Guild as we celebrate thirty years of coming together to enjoy this wonderful, creative expression called quilting. It is truly an achievement for an organization to thrive for this length of time! I know that is due to the dedication of everyone to continuing providing good ideas and follow these ideas to fruition. It seems that everyone is willing to help out, in one way or another, to make and keep the guild the success that it is. On that note, because it is autumn, when we look toward organizing next year, let me tell you the status of the volunteer survey that Stan P. collected at the last meeting.

To fill the slate, we still need a volunteer to serve as Board Secretary. For committees, we are in need of chairs and volunteers for Staycation, Bus Trip, Prizes/Cheer, Auction, Raffle Quilt, Donation Quilts, and Quilts of Valor, and Logistics Year for Programs.

  • Raffle Quilt: This year Sue H. served as Chair and worked with a group of members to make a beautiful quilt to be auctioned in 2018. This means that primarily, we have a Chair to organize ticket sales throughout the year, but a co-chair and volunteers are needed help support the chair in distribution of tickets and any other details. Also, if a group is inspired to begin work on a raffle quilt for 2019, we have the funds for that effort. Please contact Stan to express your interest.
  • Donation Quilts/Kids Quilts: Amy G. established and maintained a relationship between Scrapbasket Guild and The Children’s Bureau. Since this has been going well, I make the assumption that new Chair for this committee may step in to follow processes already in place for delivery to this organization. This role requires organizing some kit-making and sewing days, as well as storing donated quilts in your home until they can be delivered. Of course, coordinating with other members to share this responsibility would be ideal.
  • Bus Trip: It was decided that due to the high cost of a bus trip, the guild would not have this even annually. Some research has been done on the options for a bus trip in 2018. If this is to happen, a Chair and team of supporters is needed.
  • Staycation: Because there has been such great turn out to this event the past few years, I don’t think I need to explain what is necessary. A chair and supporters are needed if we are to have this event in 2018.
  • Quilts of Valor: Susan E. Chaired QOV this year by keeping production rolling through great block ideas, and coordination effort. Someone is needed to step into this role.
  •  Auction: Brenda S. has been our auction coordinator for the past few years and has had a number of very skilled volunteers to support the event. It seems there can never be too many helpers on auction night, so if you are interested, please share this with Stan.
  • Programs/Logistics: The two-year plan for service on Programs includes the first year to plan speakers and execute contracts, and the second year to serve as a hostess of sorts, to the visiting speaker, and to help organize anything that person needs to present a lecture, or a workshop. The year one portion of the commitment is filled for 2018. Members to serve as logistics coordinators are needed to serve for one year in 2018. If you are interested in serving in this capacity, please let me, or Stan know.
  • Communications: Maintaining the website and newsletter is a responsibility that can be shared, and it would be advantageous to have more than one member with the skills to do so. Brenda has become adept at both the website operation and the newsletter, and she is a very good trainer. To fill in when Brenda is otherwise occupied, is the main goal in recruiting more members. However, if the website and newsletter is to blossom into what Brenda and others would like it to be, with great photos and articles, it would be very helpful to have more members to become involved with the technical aspects. Contact Brenda or Stan if you are interested in learning how to contribute to the Communication Committee.

When I was newer member, the first committee I volunteered for was Staycation. This was a great experience for me to meet other members on the committee. I had a great time working with everyone. I encourage new members to jump in! We want to get to know you better. Seasoned members, you know that your experience is needed and appreciated. Life throws changes to all of us and sometimes we can’t commit to serve on a long-term project. But, we can help out in shorter segments of time. Please consider where you might be able to fit in a little support for your guild. It will make a difference!

Susan Voight – President