President’s Monthly Message

The July guild meeting will be held at Messiah Lutheran Church – EAGLE CREEK (not our usual Messiah Lutheran in Brownsburg), located at 6100 N Raceway Road, Indianapolis, 46234, at the corner of 56th Street and Raceway.  The meeting will be held at the usual time, 7:00 PM. They are not charging us for using the building, but please bring food pantry donations for their food drive.
It is not easy to do this, but I have given it great consideration and feel I must resign as president of the Scrapbasket Quilt Guild immediately. My wife has very recently been diagnosed with lung cancer and will be undergoing chemotherapy sessions beginning next Tuesday.  The tumor is in the upper part of her left lung around and near her heart which makes operating and radiation treatments too dangerous at this time.

Of course my thoughts and considerations are with her, her treatments, and her comfort.  Finding time to deal with the Quilt Guild is not high on my list of priorities.

I have spoken with Beth Konz, our current Vice-President. She will step into the President's position and will be handling all future duties associated with the office.

I would suggest another Board meeting be held soon to facilitate all future endeavors by the Guild.

Please contact Beth with any questions or concerns you may have over the next several days.  Her phone number and email address are included in our Members Roster.

It has been a pleasure meeting and working with each and every one of you, and I know you will continue to offer quality leadership to the Scrapbasket Quilt Guild!

Most sincerely,

Stanley L. Pugh
Out-going President

Sometimes our kind hearts get us in trouble.  Mine did.  A friend of mine’s husband passed away. She knows I make quilts and asked me to take her husband’s shirts and make a quilt out of them. I, of course, said yes.  But now what do I do?

I found a video on “deboning shirts” and began the process. I cut off the sleeves, cut the seam and then removed the collar.  Next, I cut apart the side seams.  I had to make a block with pieces of different sizes.  I chose Log Cabin pattern and tried to pick fabric out of my stash to go with the shirt fabric.  I cut out the pieces with my Log Cabin ruler, sewed the blocks together, and made a top lap sized. I picked a backing, then quilted the top.  After binding, I decided to add my finishing idea and found the following statement: “This is a shirt I used to wear, and whenever you hold it know I am there.” Perfect.

When my friend saw the quilt, she cried; so did I.  Although I complained the whole time while making it, it warmed my heart to give her joy.  So, make a pledge this month to use your quilting to warm someone’s heart with a quilt.  The  reward is worth it.

Beth Konz
In-coming President