President’s Monthly Message

Our Lives are like Quilts

Our lives are like quilts – bits and pieces, joy and sorrow, stitched with love. I borrowed that saying from the internet, but it certainly is so very true. When we look at our lives we can find the joy of life, even in the bits and pieces we are allowed to have. And, the great thing is it can all be stitched together with love…like our quilts. I just felt it was very appropriate and heart-warming to think this way.

Now, on to more business:

We have received our Gaming Commission permit and can start selling those raffle tickets again! This is great news for our Guild. As you know, our budget counts a great deal on the raffle ticket income to provide our members with educational and entertaining programs and events. Let’s all make sure to buy our tickets, or sell them to whomever we can. Elisa Doll will be more than happy to receive help with that endeavor. Please be sure to contact her with any assistance you can offer. Once again, this is a mandatory expense each of us must bear.

I also need to remind any members reading this newsletter to be sure to pay your annual dues at the registration table. Our Treasurer, Barbara Tinkham, will be happy to collect those funds.

We are still attempting to get our Liability Insurance coverage which is badly needed as venues for our meetings are requesting such coverage prior to authorizing use of those facilities.

We are presently looking at having to move our June and July monthly Scrapbasket Quilt Guild meetings from Messiah Lutheran to other locations. Progress is being made so be aware of those changes for our next two meetings. Locations will be provided in our newsletters prior to those two months!

Thanks and happy quilting.

Stan Pugh